The Brick Awards winners

last year I worked with Lee Marley brickwork photographing their recently completed projects which went on to be used for their entry to The Brick Awards 2017. This included a range of projects from housing developments in London to educaton buildings in Oxford. I’m very happy to say that they went on to win two awards! These were the ‘Craftsmanship’ award and for the ‘Specialist Contractor Of The Year’. Check out their pages from the awards catalogue below. 

Natural light in the kitchen


I’ve photographed quite a few kitchens over the past couple of years and the best to shoot have utilised a lot of natural lighting. This project had a huge amount and I made sure I took full advantage of it.


Bi folding glass doors strike again running along the rear ground floor of the building, paired with light wood floors and white walls gives you a bright airy living space. 

A great touch was to add a small strip of glass to lighten what would of been the darkest point of the space. The Island features a high gloss work surface while the rear worktop uses rolled stainless steel.

To shoot this I used a polarising filter to reduce reflections, and only required a flash when picking out the details. In post I didn’t need to do too much on top of the general image clean up with just a few bits of dodging and burning to balance out the image. 

Burger & Lobster Old Bailey

I photographed Burger and Lobsters Old Bailey restaurant last year, it was a great project to shoot featuring some interesting details. These included sails fitted throughout the ceiling, a wall of lobster pots lamps and a lobster tank sitting at the entrance. While shooting I tried to ensure I was keeping at least one of these features in shot as a focal point or in the background/side of shot to be noticed as you look at the image. 



Burger & Lobster Old Bailey

The space had a great atmosphere helped by its design and seating layout. 

Burger & Lobster Old Bailey


I was lucky enough to shoot some of the Crossrail development in London for Lee Marley brickwork. I was really lucky with the weather which helped to bring out the finer details of the project.

Sadly I didn't get the opportunity to head underground this time around but hopefully I will get to visit again soon. 

Crossrail photography

Elephant & Castle development

I recently photographed part of the new Elephant & Castle new development. Ready grown trees gave great cover to create some interesting shots of the project. More from this project and other exterior shots can be seen here.

Elephant & Castle photography

Albert's Schloss

Albert's Scholss shoot

Last year I got to shoot Albert's Schloss bar in Manchester for Bright Goods which is in the feature in my previous post, in the morning there was a lot of natural light filling the space, great for my usual shoots but not so useful when you are focusing on the lighting! I had a good (in this case good means long) walk round Manchester and waited until nightfall. 

It was a popular venue so this was shot in the early hours of the morning with the last few stragglers in shot waiting to be thrown out, it helped me create an atmosphere though! 


Click on the images to check out the rest of the set.

Darc magazine feature

Check out the latest issue of Darc magazine to see a double page spread of one of my images! 


This is a shot of Albert's Schloss in Manchester shot for Bright Goods LED filament bulbs.